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All exchange rates are updated daily. The Conversion Rate Card displays Euros, American Dollars, British Pounds and Australian Dollars as default. When you use the currency convertor the calculator will automatically add your currency of choice.

Country, Currency and Currency Code1 Euro =1 British Pound =1 American Dollar =1 Australian Dollar =
Euro Member Countries (Euro) EUR11.170.980.67
United States (Dollar) USD1.01771.1910.68
Japan (Yen) JPY137.71160.73135.3192.05
Bulgaria (Lev) BGN1.95582.281.921.31
Czech Republic (Koruna) CZK24.77828.9224.3516.56
Denmark (Krone) DKK7.44038.687.314.97
United Kingdom (Pound) GBP0.8567610.840.57
Hungary (Forint) HUF411.80480.65404.64275.25
Poland (Zloty) PLN4.77105.574.693.19
Romania (New Leu) RON4.94405.774.863.3
Sweden (Krona) SEK10.745012.5410.567.18
Switzerland (Franc) CHF0.98961.160.970.66
Norway (Krone) NOK10.28031210.16.87
Croatia (Kuna) HRK7.51988.787.395.03
Turkey (Lira) TRY17.550520.4817.2511.73
Australia (Dollar) AUD1.49611.751.471
Brazil (Real) BRL5.51166.435.423.68
Canada (Dollar) CAD1.32741.551.30.89
China (Yuan Renminbi) CNY6.82897.976.714.56
Hong Kong (Dollar) HKD7.98649.327.855.34
Indonesia (Rupiah) IDR15287.4917843.3815021.6110218.23
Israel (Shekel) ILS3.58844.193.532.4
India (Rupee) INR80.53219479.1353.83
South Korea (Won) KRW1331.691554.331308.53890.11
Mexico (Peso) MXN21.019424.5320.6514.05
Malaysia (Ringgit) MYR4.50285.264.423.01
New Zealand (Dollar) NZD1.65051.931.621.1
Philippines (Peso) PHP56.77966.2755.7937.95
Singapore (Dollar) SGD1.43051.671.410.96
Thailand (Baht) THB36.78042.9336.1424.58
South Africa (Rand) ZAR17.024619.8716.7311.38

Currency Conversion: How to get a better Conversion Rate

  • Shop Around: It seems as though everyone provides foreign currency exchange these days. Don't rush into converting your money, use the internet and have a look at the rates and packages on offer. Some companies will provide free travel insurance, gifts, cash insurance or other deals depending on the amount of currency you wish to change. Others will provide free conversion back into local or another foreign currency (very useful if you travel a lot).
  • Credit Cards: Some credit cards offer excellent exchange rates but beware!!! Check the credit card terms, conditions and interest rates. If you don't repay all at once it could cost you much more than you planned.
  • Debit Cards: Be very, very careful and talk to your bank/building society before you use your debit card abroad. Most debit cards have an awful exchange rate AND charge you for the conversion. It is amazing this banking practice still continues, millions of people get caught out on bad exchange rates every year when they use their normal debit card abroad, don't be one of them!
  • Airport Exchange Rates: typically, airport exchange rates are awful. These cater for the poorly prepared and last minute travelers (late cheap holidays and business travellers who claim back the money as expenses). Guess what, get a cheap holiday and change you money in the airport and you may as well have paid full price! Well, not always, there can sometimes be reasonable exchange rates in airports but it's unusual and should always be the last resort.
  • Destination Country: It all depends on where you are travelling to/from and the value of your home currency. When currency becomes sought after you can achieve amazing exchange rates in the country you are visiting, especially if the local currency or economy is performing badly.
  • Plan your Budget Most people that get caught out on poor exchange rate deals do so because they fail to budget then either splash out or simply overspend. If your heading on a family holiday / extended vacation. work out your planned budget then add 10-25%, this will give you emergency money and ensure you do not end up with a bad deal. If you don't bite into the extra money, you can always treat yourself to a meal or night out when you get home.
  • Haggle: Okay, it's not going to work at your local bank or hotel but if you do decide to change you money locally haggle. Most will provide a better exchange rate when you haggle, if they say no, walk away, it's rare to get more than a couple of feet before they call you back, no business likes to see a customer walk out the door.
  • Hotels: Hotels are a mixed bag and more than often similar to airports but... if you are going on holiday, phone ahead and see what rates they offer. Hotels can surprise you with good rates and provide the security of taking small amounts of cash when you need it. Top tip, tell them the full amount you wish to convert over the period of your stay, ask for an exchange rate based on that figure but taking small amounts each day.