Business Profit Calculator 2023

Use the business profits calculator to calculate business profits for product line items, merchandise and services.

Profit Calculator
Cost and Selling Price
Cost Priceper Enter Cost Price and relevant unit value
Selling Priceper Enter Selling Price and relevant unit value
Unit Price
Cost unit valueCalculated Cost Price per one unit
Selling unit valueCalculated Selling Price per one unit
Profit per unitProfit for one item
Mark up percentage per unit%Mark up percentage for one unit
Quantity Values
QuantityEnter quantity
DiscountEnter discount, relevant to Selling Price
Total Cost Value0.00Cost value for quantity
Total Selling Value0.00Selling value for quantity less any discount
Total Profit0.00Profit after taking Cost Price from total Selling Price
Total mark up percentage0.00%Selling Price against Cost Price as a percentage
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